Our Co-Founders:

Erik Dyson, Co-Founder and CEO of HandUp Mattress, has a proven track record in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. Please see LinkedIn for more details on Erik's experience. For questions about HandUp Mattresses, please contact [email protected].

Debbi, co-founder and Executive Director of HandUp Community Impact, has worked in the non-profit sector, for over 30 years, as a founder, administrator, advocate, and teacher. Any questions please feel free to contact her [email protected].

Our Staff

Director of Upcycling

Isabel leads our upcycling/resale efforts. She is full of energy and great ideas. Isabel is from Chile and settled in the New Bedford area with her family.

Director of Recycling Operations

Rita manages the mattress recycling operations. She is from Chile and, along with her family, is eagerly exploring all that the South coast area of MA has to offer. 

Mattress Sanitizing Operator

Digna is a master at cleaning and sanitizing mattresses to give them a second life. She is constantly looking at how we can improve our approach, and her attention to detail is so appreciated. She is originally from Honduras and is the proud mother of three wonderful children. Because of her extensive knowledge about mattresses she is now selling them on Saturdays.


Cirilo is the driver that goes anywhere, anytime the need arises - no matter how narrow the street or confusing the directions. Originally from Guatemala, Cirilo somehow finds the energy to work out and play soccer on this time off. 

Mattress Deconstructor

Julia is the heart of the mattress deconstructing operations, and she has learned to spot a tricky mattress a mile away. She hails from El Salvador and is heavily involved in many community groups and activities, including community gardening. 

Driver's Assistant

Juan is always ready to do whatever is needed while out collecting mattresses or in the facility. He is originally from Guatemala and lives with his family in New Bedford.

Mattress Sanitizing Operator

Lucely is a great assistant to Digna and knows how to clean a mattress inside and out so that they are ready to be resold. She is originally from Guatemala and lives in New Bedford with her family.

Mattress Deconstructor

Aghostinho is originally from Guinea Bissau and has the most experience deconstructing mattresses and can take down a pile quickly and efficiently.

Mattress Deconstructor

Edu works quietly and efficiently deconstructs mattresses day in and day out and always has a smile to brighten up the room. Edu is originally from Cape Verde but calls New Bedford home.

Dispatch Manager

Bereniz is at the heart of HandUp. She schedules all the pickups and drop offs and now knows where all the towns are located in Massachusetts.

Driver's Assistant

Michael is dependable, hardworking, and consistent. He is a New Bedford native. Michael is out on the truck each and every day helping to pick up mattresses from all corners of the state.

Forklift Driver & Driver

Domingo began his work as a driver's assistant and has consistently moved up the ranks to an expert forklift driver and Driver. He hails from Guatemala and continues to impress with his willingness to learn and grow.


Nestor is always the first person to arrive at work and is a consistent and dependable driver. He is originally from Puerto Rico but has lived in Massachusetts for many years.

Machine Operator

Gabriel is always singing and smiling. He is the first one to offer to help and is our resident jack of all trades doing whatever is needed around the factory. He is originally from Senegal.

Machine Operator

Alex has learned to operate the steel shearing machine and is quick and efficient. He is also always available to help with deliveries and unloading trucks. He is originally from Guatemala.

Machine Assistant

Jared has been helping as a Driving Assistant and a Machine Assistant and is filling in wherever he is needed. He brings enthusiasm and dedication to his job.

Machine Assistant

Armando is our newest employee but already has jumped in to enthusiastically help. He is quickly learning each part of the operation both inside the factory and out on the road. He originally comes from Guatemala. 

Our Investors

Adam Haber

Co-founder/CEO Trellus Same Day Delivery and Marketplace 

Rick Heitzmann

Founder and Partner at FirstMark Capital

Michael Mello

Vice President Global Government Relations & U.S. Business Development at IGT

Ted Chaloner

Active Retiree

Sharon and Jess Thompson

Retired Entrepreneurs

Our Partners & Advisors:

A top-tier, global legal firm that serves as pro-bono legal counsel to HandUp for all legal and regulatory matters.