Mattress Recycling

Mattresses are problematic and inefficient when disposed of in landfills and incinerators. The State of Massachusetts banned mattresses from all landfills as of November 2022.

With over 600,000 mattresses disposed of every year in Massachusetts HandUp is answering this call to provide everyone throughout Massachusetts with a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution that also has a positive social impact.

Our Services

Towns & Municipalities

We offer towns and municipalities customized "turn-key" solutions to meet the unique needs that each town and municipality faces due to its population, location, and previous experience with recycling.

Business Customers

We tailor our solution to meet you where you are as we know mattress recycling is not your core business.  We offer a variety of options that you choose from based on what is most convenient for your business needs.  


We provide convenient drop-off services at our New Bedford facility.  For those who cannot come to us, we also provide home pick-up services to individual consumers within the Southcoast MA area.